Russian women love knitting, and It’s always been like that. Back in the USSR when the country was culturally separated from the rest of the world by the Iron Curtain and people had no chance for fancy dressing they used to knit sweaters, skirts, tops and dresses to look good and taught their daughters and granddaughters how to knit. The Russian knitwear brand MIRSTORES (MIR stands for made in Russia) was built on that love of Russians to the process of knitting and big dreams about what we can create by our own hands. We know how good Russian women are in knitting and see a huge potential in this field.

In March of 2015 we knitted the first Sweater. It was big and handmade, it had a rhomb pattern and a high roll neck. The production was launched straightaway, the Sweater came in 10 different colors with neon green, bright orange, basic ivory and sand among others. The model was finally on sale in September, and in October there was a queue for it. And it was so big that we ordered a ton of wool (literally) and enlarged our team of hand knitters. Now our team consists of more than 30 talented Russian women, who are the best knitters we have ever met, constantly perfecting their skills and raising our standards of hand knitting.

Though, we were not surprised by the queues then and we are not surprised now, when the Sweater gets in higher demand each year. We know the MIRSTORES Sweater is easy to feel comfortable and confident in, it’s self-sufficient, so it can make a power look, especially in the color you choose this season. Besides, it’s made of the soft natural Russian sheep wool at the factory, which has been producing yarn accordingly to its traditions for more than 70 years. And finally, knitwear is an essential fashion trend of the present, and we believe it will stay for the future. With its comfort, relaxed silhouettes, Instagrammable oversized forms and patterns its easy to come up with a quick answer to “What should I wear today?”, and that is important in today’s fast living and busy world.


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