Individual orders

The main line of our collection — voluminous hand knitted sweaters — we produce by hand with our team of professional hand knitters. Very often you ask us whether we can knit a particular sweater model in a different color or size. We are happy to inform you that we do accept individual orders, however, due to the fact that Mirstores is primarily a mass production brand, there are some conditions for this:

  1. We cannot accept orders on items, which are not represented in our line (for example, a sweater you saw in a collection of another knitwear brand or a movie star). You can order any of the Mirstores sweaters made of natural wool in one of 18 shades from our palette or with length adjustments. You can order it at the same price at which the model is available on, unless it can be found in the “Discounts” section (in this case an individual order for a sweater will be issued at full price);
  2. You should pay for your individual order online. It will be sent to production right after the payment and ready within 7-14 business days;
  3. Unfortunately, individual orders are not subject to exchange or return, since the products outside the main line cannot be taken back to stock.

If all of these conditions suit you, we will be happy to accept your individual order.

How to make an individual order:

  1. Choose the sweater model you are interested in;
  2. Choose your size and color, put the sweater to the shopping bag;
  3. Proceed to the page of the shopping bag and proceed to check-out;
  4. Enter all the necessary information on the check-out page;
  5. Leave a comment to your order: write “Individual order” and let us know what you what to change. If you need to make length adjustments, please, write it as precisely as you can, if you want your sweater in a particular color, which cannot be found in this sweater’s color palette, please write the name of the color you want. You can choose from 18 wool shades from the picture below;
  6. Choose the way of payment (ROBOKASSA or PayPal) and proceed to payment;
  7. Check your email box: all the information on your order will be sent to you straightaway;
  8. When your order is ready and shipped, you will receive another letter with the tracking number.


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