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Thin chain handmade of beads of the smallest size with a ball and loop clasp. 

From a distance this chain looks like it’s not made of beads but like a regular chain made of gold and silver. At a closer look it gets clear that we have made the chain by hand using the smallest beads in gold and silver. Wear it alone, tie it in a knot for a night out or try pairing it with our beaded knot pendants, which are just perfect for our “non-beaded” beaded chains. 


Beaded Breakfast is a beaded jewelry brand created by the Mirstores team during the quarantine. The new brand follows the principles of Mirstores: handmade, production in Russia, simple design, high quality and wide color palette. We aim to rethink beads and that’s why we create jewelry that looks like high jewelry and vintage items. The mission of Beaded Breakfast is to remind you of the importance of love and self-care, which inspires us to turn the everyday routine into beautiful and pleasant rituals. We named the brand after two things we love: our hobby (beading) and the most important ritual of the day (breakfast).

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